Your Weaving Story: Lucy Merra-Coe

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Just wanted to share my reasons for looming!

Lucy Coe

Thank you Mirrix for opening a new chapter in my artistic journey 😊

I am an Illustrator/Painter who graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design and have taught group art lessons and freelanced as a graphic designer for 25 years. I have spent the past two years landscape painting on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I happened to come across some talented and inspiring weavers online practicing their art in the form of landscape tapestries and many creating their art on Mirrix looms. Always wanting to experiment with a new medium, I purchased a Mirrix loom and immediately got to work. I completed several pieces out of beads and I’m now ready to attempt a small tapestry. Painting landscapes in oils requires many hours of prep, execution, space and materials-beading and weaving don’t need nearly the same amount of prep and space have afforded me hours of relaxing zen creativity and mobility. I take my loom from studio to the road seamlessly. Something that’s a bit harder to do with oil painting. I also practice meditation and find using my loom an extension of my meditations!

Lucy Coe

Thank you Mirrix for opening a new chapter in my artistic journey 

Lucy Merra-Coe