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What’s a weave along? A weave-along is an online course that is included with the purchase of a kit. We lead participants through a project woven on a loom. Once a week participants will get an email with links to instructions for the week ahead that might include downloadable .PDFs, online written content and/or videos. This is not a live event, but does take place over a specific time frame so participants are all working on the same part of the project at generally the same time. Weave-along participants are encouraged to ask questions and engage with other members of the weave-along via email and social media sites including the Mirrix Facebook PageMirrix Facebook Group and Mirrix Ravelry Page. This is a community event!

Current Weave-Along:  

Upcoming: None 

Past Weave-Alongs: (Many of these can be found as free projects here.) 

Weave-Along 1: Tapestry/Bead Cuff Bracelet
Weave-Along 2: Elegant and/or Wedding Cuff Bracelets
Weave-Along 3: Woven Purse and/or Beaded Purse
Weave-Along 5: No Warps To Weave in Bracelet
Weave-Along 6: The Affinity Bracelet
Weave-Along 7: How to Combine Beads and Fiber
Weave-Along 8: Soumak Business Card Pouch with Noreen Crone-Findlay
Weave-Along 9: Confetti Bead and Crystal Necklace
Weave-Along 12: Jewel Cuff Bracelet
Weave-Along 13: Mug Rug
Weave-Along 14: Double Shedding Devices
Weave-Along 15: The Fiber & Bead Dog Collar
Weave-Along 16: The Spiral Split Split-Loom Necklace
Weave-Along 18: The Blue Hibiscus Bracelet
Weave-Along 19: Textural Tapestry
Weave-Along 20: The Bauble Bracelet
Weave-Along 21: Eccentric Wefts Eyeglass Case
Weave-Along 22: The Kirsten Affinity Bracelet
Weave-Along 23: The Queen Nefertiti Beaded Bracelet
Weave-Along 24: The Take-Your-Loom-Out-Of-The-Box Bracelet 
Weave-Along 25: The Rosalie Bracelet 
Weave-Along 26: The Whitney & Willa Wrap Bracelet 
Weave-Along 27: Texture and Sett Wall-Hanging
Weave-Along 28:  Tiny Tapestries
Weave-Along 29: Design and Share Affinity Bracelet 
Weave-Along 30: Stay Home and Weave Tapestry 
Weave-Along 31: The Sunny Bracelet
Weave-Along 32: The Prism Tapestry
Weave-Along 33: The Meredith Necklace
Weave-Along 34: The Ellen Purse (February 2023)
Weave-Along 35: The Martha Table Runner (March 2023)