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Want a loom, but can’t afford one right now? Want to make payments to get a loom for a special occasion? Mirrix Looms has re-launched our popular layaway program!

To place a layaway order copy and paste the below text into an email. Fill out the relevant information and send to 

When we receive your order we will send you your first invoice of 10% of the total order (before shipping costs.) We will then email you with a confirmation and any questions we may have. 

As soon as your order has been paid in full (your last invoice will include shipping costs), we will ship it to you. 

Items that are discounted because of a temporary sale or promotion cannot be put on layaway at the discounted price. 

There is a $25 fee for cancelling layaway orders

Full Name:


Street Address:


Phone Number:

When listing order items, please copy and paste exact item names from our online store and be sure to list all relevant information about each product e.g. size or color. 

Item One:

Item Two:

Item Three:

Item Four:

Item Five:

Payment Type (PayPal [you can pay with a CC within PayPal] or Check): 

Payment Schedule (How long you will take to pay; What you'd like to pay each time; On which dates you'd like to pay.):