Ten Reasons Why You Should Join The Summer Weaving Challenge

In 2017 we launched our very first Summer Weaving Challenge. The idea was to send off weekly emails with challenges to keep people inspired over the summer. It turned out to be really fun. As I wrote and did each challenge, I found myself pushed just a little bit outside of my comfort zone and really reflecting on the act of weaving. I began to ask myself questions: Why do I never take my loom outdoors? What other materials can I use in my work? How do I organize my life so I can commit to weaving daily? 

loom overlooking Elliot Bay in Seattle, WA

This year we're launching our second Summer Weaving Challenge and it's going to be bigger and better and even more fun than the first one! We're collaborating with new weaver Shannon of New Weaver On The Block to bring you challenges every week from June through August. Here are TEN great reasons to join the challenge:

1. It's FREE. There's nothing to lose! If you decide an email a week is too much, email us and we'll remove you from the list. 

2. The kit is amazing. It's optional, but the Summer Weaving Challenge Kit is a wonderful gift to yourself. And it is SUCH a good deal. You get a ton of fun goodies including beads and FARO Yarn (this is a great chance to check the FARO out without committing to our full FARO Yarn package) and silk and C-Lon and even little pewter buttons. This kit can be used to make anything you want, but you can also make some of our free projects like our Take Your Loom Out Of The Box Bracelet Kit and our Crystal and Wrap Bracelet (see below.) You can even make a modified version of our Mini Tapestry Wall-Hangings with a wool background and silk design! 

3.  Everyone who buys the Summer Weaving Challenge Kit gets our Crystal & Bead Wrap Bracelet Class (worth $29) for FREE. If you haven't gotten yours yet, email us with your Summer Weaving Challenge Kit (or kit and loom package) order number and we'll send it to you! 

4. There are PRIZES. At the end of the summer we'll be giving out prizes for challenge creativity, social sharing and more! 

5. It will help you connect with the weaving community. One of the fun things about this challenge is the social aspect. If you're on Instagram or Facebook or Ravelry, share about the challenges with the hashtag #summerweavingchallenge and connect with other participants! 

6. You have the chance to learn to make some fun projects. While the Summer Weaving Challenge isn't about completing specific projects, we will be referencing tutorials and free projects throughout the challenge to keep you inspired! 

7. You'll push yourself out of your comfort zone. A challenge should be just that: challenging. It is our hope that each challenge will push you out of your comfort zone just a bit and result in learning about your weaving process. 

8. You'll learn something about yourself. Sometimes it takes a little push to be consciously introspective. A challenge is just the thing for that! 

9. You'll get a completion certificate. If you complete 10 of the 13 challenges you'll get a completion certificate emailed to you. I bet that will look mighty fine pinned up in your studio! 

10. Even if you end up not participating, you can always go back and check out the challenge at your own pace. Busy summer? No one will fault you if you sign up for the challenge but don't have time to participate in real-time. Save the emails and check out the challenges when you have a chance! 

 If you haven't joined yet, you can do so here