Your Weaving Story: Janice Boiduk

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There are two kinds of weaving stories: stories about weaving and stories about weavings! This one is a story about a weaving.

First, I would like to say how much I am enjoying my new Mirrix loom. I just completed my third piece and it was quite a challenge. I wanted to explore the blending of different colours of yarn. So First on the agenda was the purchasing of 1 ply yarn and dyed it to the colours I wanted.

Janice Boiduk

I created the pattern from I photograph I took last summer while birding on the Tantramar Marsh, New Brunswick. Weather was getting rough and the clouds started forming just as the sun was setting.

Janice Boiduk

I couldn’t wait to get started and soon had thread in hand to created all the colourful blends.

I even made swatches to see how each blended yarn would visually react to the colours next to it.

Started off with blended greens, but to get the texture of the farmers fields I blended other earthy shades, browns and blacks.

Janice Boiduk

Moving up through the sunset became very tricky as I wanted to crest the illusion of rain on the horizon.

The main body of the tapestry consists of storm clouds. The cartoon that I followed was well payed out and a great help in creating the illusion of the thunder clouds.

Janice Boiduk

Completed the 22” x 18” piece on 26/05/2019.
And I call it ,”Thunder Over the Tantramar.