The Customer Appreciation Sale - This sale has ended

This sale has ended

customer appreciation sale

Customer appreciation sale. It sounds a bit cliché, doesn't it?

But here's the thing: We really do appreciate each of you who has supported us in any way, from buying our looms to simply sharing about our brand. One of the many perks of being a small company is that we have the pleasure of truly getting to know our customers.

Together with each of you, we have made a very special community of makers. We appreciate your business, of course, but we also appreciate the pictures you post of your work and being able to watch you grow as weavers. We appreciate your patience when we make a mistake. We appreciate your support of new products and programs. We appreciate the way you wrap your arms around new weavers and welcome them to a safe creative space.

Since cake and champagne don't email well, we're having a sale to say thank you to our amazing community. We don't just appreciate you as customers, we appreciate you as creative people who make our days a little bit brighter.

Through Friday, get 15% off of all loom accessories with code thankyou at checkout. You can click here to have the discount automatically applied.

Happy weaving!

Restrictions: Includes everything in the "Loom Accessories" category of the Mirrix Looms website. Cannot be applied to past purchases. Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount. Deal expires at midnight on 6/21/2019 Only valid at