Why I Love Linen Warp

Confession: my favorite warp is linen.

It wasn't always that way. Linen warp is such a different creature from cotton or wool warp. It's like wire in that it has absolutely zero give to it. So unlike cotton and wool, linen warp has to be perfectly and evenly tensioned otherwise you will start throwing things in your studio.


I remember spending hours at my floor looms trying to tie the linen warp ends so they would be even. It would take endless redos because linen is not forgiving. It's like wire in a way. It's either tight or baggy. But when it's good it's really good. It's great.

Linen and Mirrix go together like a hand and a glove. Because of the continuous warp system, you will find linen warp goes on evenly and perfectly. Yes, it's a little harder to get a big shed but so worth it.

Why is it worth it? First of all, I love the feel of linen. It's such an old fiber and whenever I use it I think of those ancient roots buried in our history. But on a more practical level, a piece woven on linen has a body to it unrivaled by any other warp material. I also sometimes even leave some linen warp has fringe because I think it's so beautiful. And the bottom line: your tapestry is only as archival as its components. So go for the best. Dress your Mirrix with linen!

photobymollywilliamsandnickpriorPhoto by Molly Williams and Nick Prior

Try it out for yourself. We are now selling huge tubes of it from the lovely folks at Glimakra USA:  500 gams (1.1 lbs.) or approximately 600 yards of unbleached 12/4 linen warp. Use it for 6 to 10 epi.

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