Weave-Along 26 Challenge: Fiber Weavers, Pick Up Those Beads!

If you fill out a form on our website you may be asked what type of weaving you are interested in.

The choices you have are:

-Tapestry/Fiber Weaving
-Bead Weaving
-Both Tapestry/Fiber and Bead Weaving




The most popular answer? Both!

At first, this surprised me, but I realized that trying out bead weaving as a fiber weaver or fiber weaving as a bead weaver is a natural progression. Sure, you may be more into one art/craft than the other, but sometimes you want to take a break and do something different. It's nice to be able to do both types of weaving on the same loom, too! 

Before we had officially announced our 26th Weave-Along, the Whitney & Willa Wrap Bracelet, we showed a certain well-known tapestry weaver the bracelet that was the prototype for the project. She's never woven beads before but decided she wanted to give this project a try and is going to participate in the weave-along.

It made me realize that this is actually a wonderful first project for weavers who have never woven beads before. You don't need much as far as supplies (basically just the kit, a needle and a piece of cloth to put your beads on), it's easy to do and there is basically no finishing to do. 

If you're a fiber weaver looking to try something new, we challenge you to particulate in Weave-Along 26. Try your hand at bead weaving! The worst that can happen is you walk away with a beautiful bracelet and warp your loom back up for tapestry.

Click here to learn more and to join!