Share-Sponsor Feature: Everlea Yarn

Hi I’m Janna, the gal behind Everlea Yarn. I’ve been using Mirrix Looms since 2014 and I own both a 16" Big Sister Loom and a 38" Zeus Loom, as well as a Spencer Power Treadle. They are my absolute favourite studio tools.


At Everlea Yarn I offer Canadian sourced and spun yarns that I hand-dye with plant-based dyes like indigo, brasilwood, madder root and weld.  I love to layer colours to create dynamic colourways like our popular Indigo Green which is osage dyed and then indigo dyed.  My Canadian Wool collection is the yarn that I’ve been using as weft on my Mirrix looms for over two years now.  It is an atypical tapestry yarn (in fact the yarn is designed for knitting) in that it is a lofty, mule-spun yarn which packs down in manner which is bouncy, not firm. I love these aspects and find that the finished tapestry is a cozy addition to any wall and living space.

For the Why I Weave contest (deadline now extended to Thursday) one winner will receive a sampler pack of three colours (150grams) of our Canadian Wool and a 20% off voucher for your first purchase of Canadian Wool from the our online shop.