Share-Sponsor Feature Interview: American Tapestry Alliance

What is your mission as an organization?  

The American Tapestry Alliance supports contemporary tapestry weavers around the world through a diverse range of educational programming, exhibitions, awards and networking opportunities. Our promotional work increases the visibility of tapestry among a broad range of textile and art professionals.

What makes American Tapestry Alliance unique?

ATA is the largest non profit, international organization serving the medium of handwoven tapestry.

You are a share-sponsor for Mirrix’s “Why I Weave” contest. Why do YOU weave? Why do you think your members weave?

"I like the silence, the quiet, the rhythm of repetitive moves. I like starting with just tools and skeletal warps and from that, solid beauty grows. I love to see colors form and interact. I love the sound of the beater, absence of electricity, motors and presence of the ancient way." Su Egen

"What I love most about weaving is the finished product! But what I love about the weaving process is the way that tapestry builds sequentially on the loom, constant decision-making along the way and the risk element (because at some point there is no going back and you have to trust in yourself). I enjoy the slow pace; every tapestry feels like an achievement." Ellen Ramsey
"I love the process as I am a maker and process person. I also love the intensity of colour, the way colours mix and blend and that each crossing over of warp and weft represents a pixel. Colours blend in tapestry in the same way that they blend on a computer screen or in a printed image - little dots of colour that the eye turns into one colour. Fascinating!" Marilyn Rea-Menzies

What does American Tapestry Alliance do to advance the work of weavers?

We offer opportunities for individual artistic growth and technical skill building through our workshops and online educational articles. We offer opportunities for individual professional development through resources on our website, our Artist Pages and exhibitions. Our promotional work and exhibitions allow contemporary tapestry to be seen by a wide range of people.

What projects are in the works for American Tapestry Alliance over the next few months?

The Biggest Little Tapestries in the World, Reno Northwest Public Library, July 1 - 31, 2018

What is your favorite product/resource/class/etc. available from American Tapestry Alliance ?

Membership - it offers so much!