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Share-Sponsor Feature Interview: Between & Etc.

Share-Sponsor Feature Interview: Between & Etc.

604 1st avenue East,
Albany, Oregon 97321


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What is your mission as a company/organization?

My goal is to promote tapestry, Tapestry technique, and make tapestry supplies available to students and professionals in affordable quantities, and of course, Support what I do in tapestry-writing teaching and designing

What makes Between & Etc. unique?

We design and manufacture tools, sell warp and weft in small quantities while underlying education and technical information available to any level of weaver.

You are a share-sponsor for Mirrix’s “Why I Weave” contest. Why do YOU weave?

I weave because it defines my life. Tapestry has been my professional and personal live since 1978. It’s all I have ever wanted to do since I discovered tapestry. I love all aspects of it weaving , writing, teaching and sharing.
Why do you think your customers weave?

I weave because I am a storyteller and narrative weaver. I am assuming that it fulfills a need in some way, either technically or emotionally.

What does Between & Etc. do to advance the work of weavers?

BETWEEN & ETC tries to promote tapestry weavers and students by making information about tapestry technique easily available by answering questions, writing about tapestry, tapestry technique, teaching and designing tapestry tools for various needs. And, of course, supporting events and other businesses that also support tapestry.

What projects are in the works for Between & Etc. over the next few months?

Between & Etc will be enlarging our website with more tools, explanation of tools, offering more weft yarns for sale, more articles on tapestry technique, more blog entries, a gallery of Kathe Todd-Hookers work, and more information on classes taught at the studio with more calendar information about what’s happening in the tapestry world and pages for selling used tools, looms and books while enlarging and making the questions and answers nature our business. We will be enlarging our scope of our material and blogs to contain tapestry information and articles that are no longer easily accessible on the internet or have not been published on the internet.

What is your favorite product/resource/class/etc. available from Between & Etc.?

I would have to break my answer into two pieces: I love designing and making tools and supplies more readily available. But, I think the dispersal of tapestry information and the classes taught in the Between Studio are my favorite products.