New Faces in Tapestry: Call for Contributors

Call for Contributors for Tapestry Topics, the quarterly American Tapestry Alliance newsletter. 

Deadline: April 1, 2018

In recent years, a type of weft-faced weaving that can often be broadly defined as tapestry has gained popularity. A new crop of artists are learning to weave and many are not following the path of tapestry weavers before them. Unconventional techniques, broken rules and modified terminology mark a new generation of weavers.
Are you a tapestry traditionalist? Do you cringe when you see a weft-faced weaver breaking the rules? Is it jarring to you to see tapestries that don’t fit the definition of tapestry you’ve always known?

Do you welcome this new kind of modern tapestry weaver and the innovation that they bring to the art form? Are you excited to see interest in tapestry weaving and excited to work together within a diverse community of weavers?
Are you a member of this new group of weavers? Do you feel like a part of the tapestry community? Is your ultimate weaving goal to learn traditional tapestry or do you want to be a part of a community creating their own version of this art form?
We want to hear from everyone. What do you see in tapestry weaving’s future? Please email Theme Coordinator, Elena Zuyok to let her know what you would like to contribute to this issue.