Why a Mirrix: Variable Sett

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Whether you're weaving beads or fiber, the spacing of your warps (sett) is very important. Many looms give you one spacing option that can be modified by warping every other or every two or three notches/dents/pegs. On a Mirrix, you have almost unlimited sett options because of our warp coil system.

Each loom (with a shedding device) comes with four warp coils: 8 dents per inch, 12 dents per inch, 14 dents per inch and 18 dents per inch. Each of these coils can be warped at their intended sett or every other or every two or three dents. That means the 18 dent coil, for example, can be used at 18 dents per inch or 9 dents per inch or 6 dents per inch. We also have additional coils available at 10, 16, 20 and 22 dents per inch. 

Watch the video to learn more about warp spacing on a Mirrix Loom!