How to Figure Out How Many Heddles You Need

If you're ready to purchase a loom with the shedding device, but aren't sure how many heddles you need, we have you covered here!



For Tapestry Weaving:
Sett x Piece Width in Inches

To weave a piece 5" wide at 12 DPI, you will need 60 heddles

For Bead Weaving:
(Sett x Piece Width in Inches) x 2

To weave a piece 3" wide at 14 DPI, you will need 84 heddles.

More Information:

Sett: Sett is how many warp threads you have in one inch. This is determined by the warp coil on your loom. If you are using an 8-dent warp coil warped every dent, you will be weaving at 8 EPI (ends per inch, also called DPI, dents per inch).

Dent: The spaces in your warp coil where you place your warp 

Warping every-other-dent: You can also warp every-other-dent. If you put your 8-dent warp coil on your loom and warp every-other-dent you will have a sett of 4 EPI. 

How to figure out which warp coil is which: Put your warp coil on the loom and measure an inch horizontally. Then, count how many dents are in that inch. 

How to determine what your sett is on an already-warped loom: Measure an inch horizontally at the top of the loom. Then, count how many warp threads are in that inch.

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