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Which Loom Accessories Do You Need?

Which Loom Accessories Do You Need?

When you're just starting out weaving on a Mirrix Loom, all the options can seem overwhelming. What loom size do I want? What other supplies do I need? And what about accessories?

This blog post will focus on that last question: What loom accessories do you need?
Which Loom Accessories Do You Need?
When you're just starting out weaving, all the options can seem overwhelming. What loom size do I want? (If you're struggling with that, check out this post.) What other supplies do I need? (Check out the post "What Do You Need to Begin Weaving" for more on this.) And what about loom accessories? 

This blog post will focus on that last question. The good news is the short answer is NONE. You can buy JUST a Mirrix Loom and with some basic supplies and materials get started on your weaving journey right away. (Even heddles, which we sell pre-made and consider a loom accessory, can be made yourself.) 

That said, each of our loom accessories was made for a specific purpose and may be the perfect fit for your weaving needs. In this post we go over each of our main loom accessories (in order of popularity) and discuss why you might want that accessory now or in the future. 

Bottom Spring KitThe bottom spring kit is an add-on accessory that attaches to the bottom beam of your loom. This warp coil helps organize your warps at the bottom of the loom, just as your warps are organized at the top. If you are using the bottom spring kit, warping is exactly the same except you place your warps in the bottom spring exactly how you do so on the top springs. It is available with warp coils (because you’ll need a matching warp coil to the one you’re using at the top of your loom), with specific warp coils (for example, this one comes with two ten dent warp coils) or without warp coils (and then you can just choose which ones you need). 

A bottom spring kit is great for wide bead weavings, bead weaving with the shedding device and for small-scale tapestry, but we find many people like this kit regardless of the project because it makes warping easier! 

The Shasta Combs
These combs essentially turn a Mirrix Loom into a simple frame loom (read: very simple to use) but with the amazing Mirrix tensioning system and the ability to use the Mirrix shedding device. The combs are not meant to replace our current warping system, which offers the advantage of putting on a warp that is longer than the loom itself as well as a variety of warp setts, but to provide an additional warping method that is very fast and simple. The Shasta Combs can also allow one to weave a tapestry/fiber piece (of limited lengths) with no warp-ends to finish. You can use the Shasta Combs for bead weaving, but they were really created for tapestry weaving. 

The No Warp-Ends Kit
The No Warp-Ends Kit was developed as a way to weave beads without having to weave back in or knot all of the warp ends! It is perfect for bead weaving (especially jewelry), but can also be used to weave with a wire warp or to weave small fiber tapestries.

Watch a video on how to use the No Warp-Ends Kit here.

Extra Warping Bar Kit
Worried about wasting warp? This kit gives you an extra warping bar, eliminating warp from the back of your loom. It also allows you to more easily get your hand behind your weaving since there is only one layer of warp. This is great for both bead weaving (especially wide pieces without the shedding device) and tapestry (especially when weaving from the back). 

Loom Extenders
If you have a 12″, 16″ or 22″ loom and want to weave something longer than is possible on that loom, loom extenders are the perfect solution. From belts to guitar straps, these nifty extenders add between 13″ and 24″ of length to a loom.

The Electric Spencer Treadle
To make tapestry weaving even faster on a Mirrix Loom, you can adman electric treadle which allows you to change the shed with your feet, making the process faster.

This video shows weaving with the electric treadle

The Mirrix Stand
Although the stand is not necessary to use with the treadle, combined the stand and treadle can turn your Mirrix Loom into a tapestry floor loom. And, of course, the Mirrix stand can just be used with a loom and no treadle and for either bead or tapestry weaving. You can even put more than one smaller loom on a stand at one time.

Add-On Bottom Beam
If you want more space between your front and back warps (note: not a larger shed), this accessory is for you. This is perfect for those who weave wide bead pieces using the traditional method because you can easily get your hand behind the warp to hold the beads in place. 

Extra Shedding Device
Adding a second shedding device to your Mirrix will allow you to use techniques in your tapestry weaving such as twill weave, basket weave and tabby weave. These fancy and fun techniques will take your tapestry weaving to the next level. 

Have a question about any of these accessories? Send us an email and we'll help you out!