We're Moving!

Update: The move is complete and we are now shipping out orders from our new facility!

For the past 23 years, Mirrix Looms has been housed at a wonderful facility called Sunshine House that provides supported employment for people with physical and mental disabilities. As all good things do, our time at Sunshine House is about to come to an end. We will be moving into our very own facility with the same dedication to supported employment that we’ve always had. We are starting small with three amazing employees, all who have Mirrix experience, at the brand new Mirrix manufacturing facility: Operations Manager Sandy Sternard,  Floor Manager Holly Lauscher, Floor Manager Everett Lang and, not to be forgotten, his support dog, Sunny. 

While we are beginning our brand new operation relatively small, as we grow we are committed to continuing to hire and train more people with disabilities (both Holly and Sandy are experienced in this field) and will continue to work with Sunshine House on special projects.

We are incredibly excited to be embarking on his new journey and to continue to grow and evolve. We couldn’t have gotten here without the support of our wonderful customers.

Things that will change for you (our customers) after the move: 

-Faster shipping times: You read that right! Our staff will be working hard to get orders out quickly and keep shelves stocked. 
-More kits, yarn and bead packages: We will be focusing on creating new kits and packages of all kinds and will now have the dedicated personnel to make this possible. 
-More yarn, beads and other weaving materials: We will have the ability to offer more choices of weaving materials in terms of type and options. One example is that we will be offering individual bobbins of hand-painted silk so you can choose the exact colors you want!
-More third party products for sale on our website: Our new space allows us to have on hand more weaving-related items to sell with our looms.
-More information available about how our products are made and who makes them: With our very own manufacturing facility we have full control to be able to show you exactly how our facility operates. 

Move Logistics

The move will take place the week of January 25th. We will not be shipping orders from January 22nd through January 31st. 

We will officially begin at the new location (in Sturgeon Bay, WI, U.S.A.) on February 1st and should be able to begin shipping immediately. 

If you have any questions about ship times for orders placed this month, please email us

Want to learn more about the Mirrix team? Click here. 

With great excitement for this new chapter,
Claudia, Elena, Sandy, Holly, Everett and Sunny 🐾