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Weaving with Spencer: Part 2

Weaving with Spencer: Part 2

Review (part 2) by Deb Bednarek of the Spencer Power Treadle. 
Spencer treadle

Last time I wrote I’d recently installed the Spencer Power Treadle on my largest Mirrix loom and was adjusting to using it in place of the regular handle. Since then, I’ve used it almost daily for a couple of projects. The truth is, this electric treadle becomes so natural to use that you don’t have to think about it at all. Flip on the power switch and weave away! I unconsciously press the treadle to change sheds, go to a neutral spot where all warp threads are flat, or go back to the previous shed if I need to change something. Any change you need to make in raising or lowering warp threads is done by a gentle tap of your foot. Once this treadle is attached to your loom all you need is a power source and it becomes a natural part of your weaving process. It simplifies weaving, gives you an extra hand when changing sheds and is maintenance free. It never messes up your tension. What more could you could you want?

I’d originally thought adding an electric attachment would be bothersome and I was totally wrong. It is easy to install with both written and video instructions and took less than 1/2 hour even involving my husband’s help! It also is small and never in the way of anything you want to do. It is recommended that you remove it to warp your loom but I have warped with the treadle on easily. I turn the loom sort of sideways and make sure my warp thread is in a small ball or on a smaller cone. Warping from a full cone wouldn’t work that way. If you do have to remove your treadle to warp, it comes off so easily and reattaching it is easier than the first time you attached it. Everything becomes easier the more you do it and is all part of the process.

I have 3 Mirrix looms and use the smaller ones usually for jewelry projects. These looms have their original handles and work beautifully as well.  When weaving a piece an inch wide, usually the piece is so simple that freeing up an extra hand isn’t necessary. However, I am thinking of weaving a longer beaded piece after seeing Claudia’s split loom necklace and I will weave that on the larger loom where the Spencer is. Why not? My only fear is that I’ll discover the Spencer Treadle needs to be on all of my looms! If that does happen, switching which loom is attached to the Spencer Treadle is not a big deal.

If you are an avid weaver and love working on a Mirrix loom, seriously consider adding the Spencer Treadle to your equipment. It is not a cheap investment but one that will make your weaving time just that much more carefree. Since none of us seem to have enough time in the day to do everything, make your creative time as enjoyable as possible.

Deb Bednarek

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