Weaving & Self-Care

Self-care has become somewhat of an idle buzzword. Yes, taking care of yourself is important. Of COURSE it is. But what does it actually mean to focus on self-care? 

I began thinking about this a few weeks ago. What in my life do I consider self-care? Is spending time with friends self-care? Netflix binging? Long walks with the dog? Weaving? How do I prioritize these things? 

I realized that, for me, self-care is about doing something I love for the sake of doing it. Going for a walk with the dog when I'm busy and it's raining and my ankle is sore doesn't count. Painting my nails at 10:30 at night because I have an important meeting and the chipped-nail look isn't en vogue isn't self care. Weaving because I am writing a tutorial isn't about caring for myself. 

Self-care is walking around a lake in the sun with the dog just because. It is attempting a French manicure just for fun. It is weaving for the sake of weaving. 

My challenge to myself, and to you, is to remember self-care in your weaving practice. Weave because you're making a gift for a friend. Weave because you sell your work. Weave to learn a new technique. But also weave for yourself. Weave because you love weaving and for that moment when you lose yourself in your work. Prioritizing that, my friends, is self-care.