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Tell us Your Weaving Story!

Tell us Your Weaving Story!

We want to hear YOUR weaving story! 

When I was about twelve I accompanied my mom on a trip to a weaving conference. I spent the whole time drop-spindling and schmoozing (as only a pre-teen can do) and got to drink Shirley Temples at dinner. I don't remember what the event was or where it was or why we were there, but I remember thinking how cool weavers were. (I mean, as adults went.)

Twenty-two years later and my views on weavers haven't changed. But you know what I wish? I wish I knew more of your stories. How did you take up weaving? Why? Who inspired you? Who guided you? Why did you choose tapestry or bead weaving over other types of weaving or other art forms? Or are you juggling seventeen crafts? Why do you weave? What gifts does weaving give you?

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We want to hear YOUR weaving story! If you'd be interested in sharing with the Mirrix community, email me ( and tell me more!

If there is enough interest, we will be posting weekly blog posts featuring different stories. These can be written wholly by you, written by us based on your story or published in an interview format.