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The Weaving Meditation Challenge

The Weaving Meditation Challenge

I am not good at meditation. Even after a long, hard yoga class I can barely sit still for savasana, and forget about being able to wake up and take a few minutes to be still before starting my day. Until recently, I thought any kind of meditation was off the table for me. But then I realized something. When I weave I often find large chunks of time will go by when my mind has been totally clear. No worrying, no planning, no thinking about what to make for dinner.

This got me thinking: Could I make weaving my meditation? I came up with a few exercises for myself that each take around five minutes and help me to relax and clear my mind. They really work for me and I thought, with the often-stressful holidays fast approaching, this would be a great time to share these tricks with the Mirrix community. 

Want in on my weaving meditation techniques? 

Fill out the form below and you’ll get six emails (M, W, F) from November 13th to the 24th, each with a different meditation.

Try out each one and share your experience in our Facebook Group or on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #mirrixweavingmeditation.

What Do You Need to Participate?
-A warped loom (it doesn't need to be a Mirrix)
-Beads or fiber 
-About 5 minutes for each meditation 

What to Expect:
You'll get your first email from us on November 13th!