The Summer Weaving Challenge: Play With Colors

We are nine weeks in to our 2019 Summer Weaving Challenge and still have four more to go! Below is our 9th challenge and the first and only challenge we are posting publicly. Feel free to take part, even if you are not a challenge participant! If you'd like to join for the rest of the challenge, you can still do so here:

Probably the most profound concept we can take away from color theory is that a combination of color that is pleasing to the eye engages the viewer and will inspire a sense of order and balance. If you fail to reach this goal of color harmony it’s because your color choices are either too bland or too chaotic. The brain rejects these two modes. A useful tool for achieving this perfect color harmony is the color wheel where primary, secondary and tertiary colors are laid out in a circle. The color wheel presents the scientific approach to understanding color. And then there is always your instinct. Is that color combination boring or inspiring? What do you feel when looking at certain color combinations? Deep inside all of us is a personal profound relationship to color.

This week’s challenge is to weave a color study. This can be a piece where you examine how certain colors look together, experiment with value, play with color blending, focus on shades of one specific color or something else related to experimenting with color in your weaving.

Show us your color studies via email or on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #summerweavingchallenge!

Happy weaving!