Weaving For The Non-Crafty Among Us

Over the years I have had friends ask me to sew or knit or crochet things for them. 

Each time it has annoyed me because, first of all, I don't sew or knit or crochet. And, as you know, weaving isn't sewing. It isn't knitting. It isn't crocheting. It isn't even close. 

Second, I don't like the idea of people requesting creative work for free. 

But third, and this is the one I want to focus on: The idea that some people are "crafty" and that extends to any number of crafts and others "aren't crafty" and therefore can't do any crafts, is pernicious in that it discourages those self-declared "non-crafty" people from pursuing crafts.

Most so-called "crafty" people do tend to branch out and try lots of different crafts, but it isn't because they are necessarily better at them then anyone else. There isn't some crafty gene that allows people to excel at all of these endeavors. 

Sure, your sister is a great knitter and a fantastic crocheter and she sews and paints and once took a pottery class and was amazing, but that's at least partially because she works hard at these things. Sure, there's something to be said for natural artistic ability, but that isn't a high wall keeping those without that gift out. 

I would argue that those who have considered themselves "not crafty" and therefore haven't pursued the arts have been missing out. 

When I was a kid, I was never the star of art classes. I didn't color inside the lines, I wasn't great at drawing, my painting wasn't anything to write home about and my sculpting could best be described as "imaginative." Internally, I labeled myself as "mediocre" at art. I definitely wasn't "crafty." I didn't have the same pre-conceived notions about weaving, though, and that allowed me to weave unencumbered. 

loom with weaving on it

Weaving in fact, is the perfect art for the non-crafty. Here are a few reasons:

1. You can begin by weaving something very simple and still walk away with something beautiful. There is a whole toolbox filled with tapestry techniques, but to launch yourself along the tapestry path you can just start with a few simple ones and add on.

2. You can start and stop weaving quickly, perfect for a few moments of creative time even when you're busy. 

3. Many fiber crafts, like knitting or crochet, require that your hands learn how to regulate the tension. A loom holds the tension for you, which is huge because then you can just think about your design and your techniques and not worry about keeping correct tension. 

4. Weaving is a craft you can grow with, or not grow with. Your weavings can be as easy or as difficult as you feel comfortable with. 

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