The Shasta Combs

For many years we have been trying to design an accessory that would attach to a Mirrix Loom to make warping easier. The Shasta Combs are the result of this effort and they are now in stock! 

shasta combs
These combs essentially turn a Mirrix Loom into a simple frame loom (read: very simple to use) but with the amazing Mirrix tensioning system and the ability to use the Mirrix shedding device. The combs are not meant to replace our current warping system, which offers the advantage of putting on a warp that is longer than the loom itself as well as a variety of warp setts, but to provide an additional warping method that is very fast and simple that also can allow one to weave a piece (of limited lengths) with no warp-ends to finish.

The Shasta Combs are made of aluminum and have three sides so that they clamp right on to the top and bottom beams of the loom making them easy to put on and take off without having to permanently change anything about the loom.

The combs provide a limited warp sett of 8 or 4 ends per inch. However, if you use them with a top and bottom warp coil you can get whatever sett the warp coils are.

In addition to selling individual combs, we also have a Shasta Comb Loom Package available for the 8", 12" and 16" Looms. This package comes with a basic Mirrix Loom frame and a set of Shasta Combs. Other accessories like warp coils, wooden clips and a shedding device can be purchased separately (now or later) so you can warp and weave using other methods. 

There are THREE different ways to warp a Mirrix Loom using the Shasta Combs:

1. The standard method can be done with or without the shedding device.

2. The no warp-ends method allows you to weave a piece without needing to finish the warp ends. It is limited by the size of your loom and the height each loom can be adjusted to, as the top and bottom of weavings made with this method will be at the top and bottom of your loom.

3. At any sett if you have a Bottom Spring Kitand matching warp coils on the top and bottom of your loom.

Our .PDF instructions and two videos about warping with the Shasta Combs are now available. You can find them all here. One more video will be coming out this week.

Want a set of your own? Click here!