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Should You Purchase a Bottom Spring Kit?

Should You Purchase a Bottom Spring Kit?

Should You Purchase a Bottom Spring Kit?
(Image Credit: Susan Murry -left- & Jacqui Johnson -right-)

Should You Purchase a Bottom Spring Kit?

Why would you want it?

There are five reasons you might want a Bottom Spring Kit.

1.) You are weaving beads using the shedding device and you don’t want to deal with trying to keep those pairs of warp threads neatly divided on the bottom while putting on heddles and weaving in the first row. Can you do this without the bottom coil? Yes, you can. But especially for wider bead woven pieces using the shedding device, this handy add-on does make it easier.

2.) You are weaving a wide bead piece without the shedding device. When you’re dealing with lots of warp threads very close together, having a spring to help keep them organized at the bottom of the loom can be very helpful.

3.) You are weaving a tapestry at a very fine sett. While the Bottom Spring Kit was initially developed for bead weaving, many who weave tapestry at very fine setts (18, 20, 22 dpi) like the Bottom Spring Kit to help organize their warp threads while warping.

4.) You feel more confident warping when your warp threads are well organized at both the top and bottom of the loom. A Bottom Spring Kit is great for every perfectionist! It also precludes you from having to weave in a thread at the bottom that you tie to the threaded rod to provide a stable surface to start weaving.

5.) You want to more sett options for warping with our Shasta Combs

Why isn’t one included with every loom?

The bottom spring kit is not included with every loom because there are people who simply do not want or need a spring at the bottom of their loom. With this add-on kit, we give you the choice to have one or not. Note that if you do get the Bottom Spring Kit you don’t have to use it for every piece you make. Simply don’t put a spring in it and you can warp around it with no problem.

Can you rotate the weaving to advance it with the spring on the bottom?

You will have to loosen the tension on the loom and actually remove the spring in order to do this.  Once the spring is removed, you will have no problem rotating your weaving.

Do extra coils come with the bottom spring kit?

You can purchase a few different Bottom Spring Kit sets:

The Bottom Spring Kit without Warp Coils. Choose this if you want to pick out which warp coils you want to use with your Bottom Spring Kit. Get this kit and the warp coils separately.

The Bottom Spring Kit with 8, 12, 14 and 18 Dent Warp Coils. Want a Bottom Spring Kit with all the warp coils to match the ones that came with your loom (that has a shedding device)? This version is our most popular loom accessory.

The Bottom Spring Kit with Two 20 and 22 Dent Warp Coils. No looms come with 20 and 22 dent warp coils, so this version of the kit has two of each: one for the bottom and one for the top.

The Bottom Spring Kit with Two 16 Dent Warp Coils. If you weave wide bead pieces with 11/0 Delica beads, you may find the 16 dent coil works best for you. This version fo the kit comes with two 16 dent coils, one for the bottom and one for the top.

The Bottom spring Kit and 14 Dent Coil. If you have an 8″ or 12″ Loom without the shedding device, it came with only one 14 dent wap coil. This Bottom Spring Kit adds one more 14 dent coil to the bottom!

If you haven’t purchased a loom yet and want a Bottom Spring Kit, our Loom & Bottom Spring Kit Starter Packageis a good choice.

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