The Big Move: An Update

It has now been just about two months since Mirrix manufacturing moved into our very own facility. (If you missed the announcement, you can find it here.) Many of you have asked for updates so we thought we would share here. 

The move went well thanks to our fantastic team and their families and the new place looks amazing. Things started running smoothly almost immediately. If you've ordered recently, you may have noticed that orders are getting out the door at a pace that could make your head spin!

We've already added some new items to our online store (new items can be found here) and are now offering hand-painted silk by the skein! Keep an eye on our social media pages (Instagram & our Facebook Group are most active) for announcements about more new products and projects. 

And now, the fun part! Feast your eyes on Mirrix manufacturing (images below). And try to find the member of the Mirrix team sleeping on the job!

mirrix doors

looms on shhelf


holly working




sandy working