Prepare for Gift Making: 15% Off Of Loom Accessories - This Sale Has Ended

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The holiday season is fast approaching, which means gift-making season is upon us! Different Mirrix accessories can help to make the weaving process faster and easier, so we're discounting our loom accessories by 15% to celebrate all of you who are planning to weave gifts for your friends and loved ones. 
Which accessories might be helpful in your gift-making pursuits? 
The Shasta Combs make warping a breeze, which means you can warp up a loom for a quick piece in no time at all. This is our newest loom accessory and very popular for beginners and anyone looking to save some warping time! 
Loom Extenders Interested in making belts, hat-bands or other long pieces? Loom extenders allow you to make pieces longer than your loom typically allows. No more sewing shorter pieces together to make a long piece! 
The Mirrix Shedding Device If you have a loom without a shedding device, adding one on can make weaving much faster. Check out this video to see how fast weaving with the shedding device can be! 
The No Warp-Ends Kit was developed with bead weavers who want a quick and easy finishing method in mind. Because you can use the same set-up for multiple pieces of the same length, you can make as many projects as you want with minimal set-up and minimal finishing. 
The Spencer Power Treadle Being able to change your shed with your foot saves time and energy when weaving tapestry! Plus, it gives your arm a break!  
Ready to shop? Get 15% off of loom accessories through the 15th with code makeyourgifts at checkout or click here (the discount will be automatically applied)!
Not sure which accessory is best for you? Email Elena and she'll help you out! 
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