Introducing The New Weaver on the Block Kit and Kit and Loom Package

When Mirrix approached me about collaborating on a kit, my first thoughts--beyond sheer excitement, of course--were, "What would I have wanted in a kit when I first started weaving, and what do I want in a kit now that I have some weaving experience?" The answers became the New Weaver on the Block Kit and the New Weaver on the Block Kit and Loom Package!

I worked with Mirrix to ensure that this kit gives weavers of all levels everything they need to get started on their next project, whether it's regular weaving using the Navajo warp and heddles or my new favorite technique of Soumak knotting using the linen warp and bamboo needle. The bamboo needle can also be used for weaving without a shedding device, and for packing down weft. The kit contains a gorgeous variety of my favorite type of weft, hand-painted silk ribbon and silk yarn. The kit also comes with 14 cards of Persian Yarn in rich, bright colors, as well as some neutral shades for range and balance. The Persian Yarn is three-ply, but I love creating my own weft bundles by separating the plies and using two different colors of the yarn and some silk, which adds shine and color variation to my tapestry. The possibilities with this kit are endless, and that's one reason why I love it so much! Whether you are a new or experienced weaver, we think you'll love it, too.

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Want to learn more about or purchase the kit or the loom package? Visit the Mirrix Looms website to see the New Weaver on the Block Kit hereand the New Weaver on the Block Kit and Loom Package here!