Not Sure What You Need To Get Started? We Can Help!

Hoping to pick up a loom and some accessories, but unsure about what you need? We're here to help! 

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What Loom Size Do I Need?

Click here to fill out our Get Help Choosing a Loom form and get a free, personalized loom recommendation. 

What Do I Need To Purchase With The Loom?

Click here to read a blog post on what you need to begin weaving. 

Which Loom Starter Packages Is The Best Deal?

We have three amazing loom starter packages on sale through Monday 12/2/2019! 

Black Friday Tapestry Loom Package

Black Friday Bead Loom Package

The First Time Weaver Loom Package

Where Do I Get More Information?

Our Resources page is a wonderful place to find links to blog posts, tutorials, videos and more!

I Have a Question:

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