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The Five Best Gifts for The Weaver in Your Life

The Five Best Gifts for The Weaver in Your Life

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a tapestry or bead weaver in your life? We have you covered this holiday season! 

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a tapestry or bead weaver in your life? We have you covered this holiday season! 

1. A Loom Starter Package

Rebecca Mezoff tapestry loom package

The Rebecca Mezoff Loom Starter Package 

The best part of gifting a loom starter package is that the lucky recipient can start weaving right away! The New Weaver on The Block Kit and Loom PackageTapestry/Bead Cuff Loom Starter PackageThe Queen Nefertiti Kit and Loom Package and The Texture & Sett Wall-Hanging Weaving Kit and Loom Package are all great choices for packages that include everything a weaver will need to get started. 

If your gift recipient already has lots of yarn, than our Just The Essentials Tapestry Loom Package is the perfect gift!

For the bead weaver who wants it all and who already has beads, thread, needles and the like, our Loom, No Warp-Ends Kit & Bottom Spring Kit Starter Package is a wonderful choice! 

If you're not sure which package is the right choice, send us an email and we will help you decide!  

2. A Loom

The 12" Little Guy Loom

I have literally gotten teary eyed talking to customers who were buying looms as gifts for friends or loved ones. I'm obviously biased, but a loom makes such a great present for any creative person. It's a gift that is thoughtful and fun and unique. And I just love witnessing the love that surrounds attentive gift giving.  

The hard part about gifting a loom, however, is choosing the right size. 

We can help with that! If you fill out our Get Help Choosing a Loom form with the best information you have (guesses are fine) on your giftee's weaving preferences, we'll do our best to recommend a loom size. Give us any additional information you have where the form asks: "Are there any other details you'd like to add?"

Want to see all of our loom size options? Click here. 

3. Loom Accessories

The Shasta Combs

If the person you're looking to give a gift to already owns a Mirrix, we have a plethora of loom accessories available to make their day! 

Our new-this-year Shasta Combs are going to be the most popular loom accessory gift this holiday season, but items like Bottom Spring Kits and The Spencer Power Treadle always top Mirrix owners' gift lists. 

Click here to see all Mirrix loom accessories

4.  A Kit

The New Weaver on The Block KitThe New Weaver on the Block Kit

There's something super fun about weaving kits. They're perfect for beginners just getting started and for anyone looking for a bit of instructions and inspiration! 

Here are a few kits we recommend for beginners:

-The Take-Your-Loom-Out-Of-The-Box Tapestry Bracelet Kit (tapestry/fiber)

-The New Weaver on the Block Kit (tapestry/fiber)

-The Kirsten Affinity Bracelet Kit (beads)

Here are a few kits we recommend for those looking for instruction and inspiration:

-The Eccentric Wefts Eyeglass Case Kit   (tapestry/fiber)

-Mini Tapestry Wall-Hanging Kits  (tapestry/fiber)

-Checkerboard Cuff Bracelet Kit (beads)

-Tiny Tapestry Kit  (tapestry/fiber)

5. A Mirrix Gift Card

We all have at least one person on our list who knows exactly what they want and might be happier choosing their own gift! For that individual, we have gift cards available. They're an easy gift, but more thoughtful than a "generic online retailer" gift card for sure! 

If you have a question about the best Mirrix gift for someone on your list, feel free to email us to ask! We are also available via chat. Click the "Questions? We can help. Chat with us now." popup at the bottom of the screen.