Mirrix Knows Creating Is Necessary: The Spiral Split-Loom Necklace Bead Pattern

In these trying times, we at Mirrix Looms are committed to helping our community get through each day the only way we know how. We will be posting new and old (but previously no longer available) free projects, free downloads and videos to keep you inspired and learning.

*Note: Some of these are older patterns and projects so some links and information may be slightly out of date!
Click below to download our seventh freebie:

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You can find our second freebie here: The Woven Silk & Bead Bracelet Free Project

You can find our third freebie here: The Mini Scribble Landscape Tapestry

You can find our fourth freebie here (kindly donated by Jacqui McCloy Pell): Purple and Green Celtic Knot by Jacqui McCloy Pell This pattern is no longer available for free, but you can purchase Jacqui's book that includes two patterns here

You can find our fifth freebie here: The Woods Hole Lighthouse Bead Pattern

You can find our sixth freebie here: The Bauble Bracelet