Grow Your Own Loom Starter Kits!

For many people, it's hard to wait once you decide you want to buy a loom, but for those of you with patience and a green thumb, we have a new affordable loom option available: Grow Your Own Loom Starter Kits!

Starting at only $50, we'll send you your very own loom seed that, with sunlight and frequent watering, will grow into a loom in 2-4 months. By summertime, you could have your very own Mini Mirrix fully grown and ready to weave on or, if you have a bit more growing space, a Zeus Loom thriving in your garden! 

Loom seeds can be planted indoors or outdoors. 

grow your own loom

Your Grow Your Own Loom Starter Kit comes with:

-One loom seed.
-Detailed instructions on how to help your loom plant thrive.

 Click here to get your very own Grow Your Own Loom Starter Kit!