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New Combs for the Chloe Loom

New Combs for the Chloe Loom

The Chloe combs are changing.

Previously, the combs for the Chloe Pocket Loom were tumbled for smoothness. This worked well, except some were breaking during this process. This did not affect any combs that were sold, but it was a waste issue for us that required some changes to be made to the process. We are now powder-coating all of the 8" combs and the 8" Chloe looms, with the exception of the 8" Chloe Bead Weaving Starter Package. Since the powder-coating made the combs slippery, we also added a ten degree angle so the warp does not slide off. These combs are a little bit more expensive than the previous ones.

In the future, we will be switching all the 5” Chloe Looms, 5" Chloe combs and Chloe Starter packages to the new style combs as well. 

Old and new Chloe Combs can be used interchangeably.