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Sari Silk

Sari Silk

Examples of weaving tapestry with Sari Silk, a rich and textured piece will evolve. It's available for sale at the Mirrix website.

Someone got the bright idea to recycle silk saris into a sort of yarn. The saris are stripped and then sometimes sewn together. I discovered this material quite some years ago and have been using it here and there ever since. 

They are very suitable for weft-faced weaving. I often use a combination of weaving and knotting to great effect. I have made little pouches and large purses which wear extremely well.

It is always fun to change up your materials to stretch the limits of weft-faced weaving and tapestry.

We have added some of this exciting silk to our store in two different colorways:

The silk can be found here: Sari Silk

We would love to see what you make with this silk. Send your vibrant silk gems to and we will randomly choose one person to recieve the two colorways of sari silk.  Plus your creation will be featured on Mirrix social media!