Anyone Can Do It: Bead Weaving For Beginners (Live Demo)

On February 20, 2019 at 2:00 PM (PST) [5 PM EST] we will be doing a LIVE bead weaving demonstration on YouTube. You will be able to watch the stream directly on YouTube here or by watching the embedded stream below. 

The goal of this demonstration is to show how simple weaving beads on a Mirrix Loom can be. This project is perfect for beginners who are feeling intimidated by their loom or aren't sure how to get started. 

We will be demonstrating WARPING a Mirrix Loom and then WEAVING BEADS on one. The project we will be working on is the Kirsten Affinity Bracelet. 

Kirsten Affinity Bracelet

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Tools and Materials that will be used in the demonstration:
-A Mirrix 8" Lani Loom
-A beading needle
-A bead mat
-A Kirsten Affinity Bracelet Kit