Your Weaving Story: Doris Lepine

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My story began when I was 10 years old (I’m now 69).  I went with my parents to visit cousins in Quebec, Canada (I’m from N.H.) My dad’s first cousin had a gigantic floor loom with a blanket in progress.  

At the time I had no idea what it was or what she was making. Fast forward many years later, I’m in my late 30s and I visit a craft studio and voila I spy a room with floor looms and yes they were giving lessons. I was hooked!! Once that flame was lit it spiraled out to all the things looms could make. I also realized that the flame had been lit when I was 10.That memory of my cousin’s floor loom was embedded in my mind without realizing it and that craftiness was within me all those years.   

I now own 5 different size looms, (including a tapestry loom). Everything I make is just for fun and gifts.  I’ve made baby blankets for all my grandchildren, rugs, bread towels, dish towels, placemats and runners, shawls. When then, of course, I got tempted with the fiber itself and yes, bought a spinning wheel, and yes now spin wool and cotton fibers.  My husband said he was very thankful that we didn’t have room for sheep! (But did have room to try growing a few cotton plants and yes have spun my own fibers.) I hope I live long enough to continue to make many more wonderful items.  It is so very relaxing and satisfying to sit behind my looms and or my spinning wheel and watch my projects come to life and know that I made it from scratch!

studio of looms - Doris Lepine