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Weaving with Hand-painted Silk and Perle Cotton

Weaving with Hand-painted Silk and Perle Cotton

Weaving bands of silk and cotton on the Mirrix is fun and calming. You can weave them on any Mirrix loom size eight inch or larger.

I am fascinated with thin bands. My fascination began decades ago when I discovered bands of hand-woven gotten in bright colors at a local stationery/craft store in Haight Ashbury. I bought a few yards of it and never actually did anything with it. I looked at it a lot. I coveted it. I can't find it now but that is okay because I have since made so many bands of my own.

Because we love these bands so much we have created a band kit for you to make your own including our hand-painted silk, Perle cotton and seine twine. We ran out very fast. Today we made a bunch of new band kits.

These bands can be woven on an eight inch loom or larger. If you want to weave a really long band on one of our smaller looms, a set of loom extenders will make that happen. 

We hope you enjoy weaving silk and cotton bands as much as we do. Please post your results so we can see the magic you have made.