Warp Tension on a Mirrix

The other day I came across a question from someone with a basic frame loom. As she wove, her warp tension was getting looser and she was having trouble weaving because of that. Warp tension, as you learn quickly when you start weaving, is very important. Not only do you want even tension, you want tight tension and you want that tension to hold the whole time you're weaving. 

This phenomenon of loosened warp can happen on any loom. As you weave, your warp will always stretch some. Some warp types, of course, are stretchier than others. Linen, for example, has notoriously little give. Wool, on the other hand, can sometimes stretch quite a bit. 

On a Mirrix Loom, when your warp begins to stretch there is an easy solution: tighten your tension. Every Mirrix has an on-loom tensioning system, so with a few turns of the two wing-nuts you can tighten your tension as much as you need any time you need. 

warp tension

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