Using Weaving Yarn with Beads

Recently my mom gifted me a beaded purse that had belonged to a relative of ours. The purse was woven on a loom with rows of thread between each row of beads. It got me thinking about incorporating thread into the design of a bead weaving. I happened to have just received some fun weaving yarn from GIST: Yarn & Fiber and decided to incorporate some of that. I warped my loom with a silk and stainless steel weaving yarn called Tetsu created by ITO Yarns in Japan and also used that to string my beads.

I wasn't sure if it would work as a beading thread, it was certainly not intended for that purpose, but it worked beautifully for me. In the future I might not use it for warp as it could break, but that wasn't an issue I had. Between rows of beads I wove the odd row of just thread. The fun thing about using a yarn like this to weave beads is that it is pretty enough to be shown as weft and strong enough to hold the beads. 

beaded bracelet on a Mirrix Loom

Next, I added a gold yarn called Kin Gin also by Ito Yarns. It gave a great texture and shimmer to the piece! 

beaded bracelet on a Mirrix Loom

The piece was woven using a 5" Mini Mirrix Loom and a No Warp-Ends Kit, which made finishing the piece super easy. The finished piece was put on a leather cuff

Check out this video to see a row of beads woven on this piece and the piece removed from the loom. 

beaded bracelet on a Mirrix Loom

After I edged the bracelet with smaller beads, it was ready to wear! 

beaded bracelet on a Mirrix Loom

Here's a close up of the weaving yarns:

beaded bracelet with weaving yarn

What are you thoughts on using weaving yarn in a beaded bracelet?