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What You Need To Make Bead Woven Jewelry

What You Need To Make Bead Woven Jewelry

We're often asked which loom, accessories, supplies and materials we would recommend for making bead woven jewelry. There are many options, but for the sake of simplicity we've put together the following guide with some very specific suggestions. 

Which Loom?

The 8" Lani Loom without the shedding device is our most popular loom for bead woven jewelry. It can make a piece 5" wide and 24" long and can even accommodate multiple thin pieces warped side-by-side. This loom has a fold-out leg so it can stand on a table or other flat surface but can also be used in your lap.  You can learn more about this loom here.  

8" Lani Loom

Which Loom Accessory?

You can begin weaving beaded jewelry on a Mirrix Loom without any additional accessories, but our No Warp-Ends Kit is the most common loom accessory used for weaving beaded jewelry on a Mirrix Loom. This accessory allows you to weave beaded pieces without having to finish all of the ends. It makes the finishing process for pieces like beaded bracelets much easier! You can learn more about this kit here

Which Package?

The Whitney & Willa Wrap bracelet Loom Starter Package is the perfect package to get if you want to get started right away. It comes with everything you need, from a loom to needles and bead mats and a wonderful wrap bracelet kit! 

You can learn more about this starter package here

Which Kit?

The Queen Nefertiti Bracelet Kit is one of our favorites. Not only is is gorgeous, it's relatively easy to weave and the instructions will teach you everything from warping to weaving and finishing. This kit makes two bracelets. 

You can learn more about this kit here. 

Note: You will need a beading needle, a pair of scissors, an 18 dent warp coil, a measuring tape and a bead mat to weave this piece. 


Which Supplies/Materials? 

Besides the loom, you don't need too many other things to get started weaving beads! 

-Beading Thread. Here at Mirrix Loom we love C-Lon size D beading thread because it is specifically designed for use with beads. It doesn’t fray easily, it’s strong and it comes in many beautiful colors. Other people use Fireline. Almost any beading thread you have that is strong should work.
-Beads. Delicas, Tohos… almost any bead works!
-A Beading Needle. A strong beading needle like a Tulip Bead Weaving Needle is perfect for weaving beads on a loom.
-A pair of scissors. We love these stork scissors
-A measuring tape
-A bead mat or piece of cloth to hold your beads and keep them from rolling
-Clasps/buttons/findings (optional). Depending on what exactly you'll be making and how you intend to finish those projects, you may need clasps, buttons or findings for finishing. 

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