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The 19" Deb Tapestry & Bead Loom

The 19" Deb Tapestry & Bead Loom

We are thrilled to welcome the newest member of the Mirrix family of looms, the 19" Deb Loom

Over the years we’ve noticed that there was a small gap in our line of looms between the 16” Big Sister Loom and the 22” Zach Loom. Customers wanted a loom that could make a piece a little bit wider than the 16” but that was more portable and would fit in a suitcase. The brand new (November 2022) 19” Deb Loom is just that. Perfect for workshops and travel, this 6 lb loom can make a piece 16" wide and 36" long. It fits well in a 20" x 28" suitcase with the loom extended up to 19.5".

This loom was named in memory of our friend, weaver and teacher, Deb Bednarek.

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