Tapestry Yarn from Mountain Meadow Wool Mill (Sold by GIST: Yarn & Fiber)

Recently Sarah Resnick from over at GIST: Yarn & Fiber sent me over some new tapestry yarn she is selling in her store. This tapestry and rug wool is made by Mountain Meadow Wool Mill in Buffalo, Wyoming. This mill is woman-owned and working to revive the wool industry in the United States by focusing on sustainable practices and fair-trade prices for the ranchers providing the wool. 

You can find this yarn over at GIST here

When I first opened the package, it was love at first sight. The colors are gorgeous and vibrant with a purposefully slightly irregular dye job, which gives chunks of color in your weaving a variegated look. 

The yarn is two-ply, slightly rough and strong. It is perfect for weaving at 6, 7 or 8 ends per inch. 

If you're looking for a new tapestry yarn to try out, we highly recommend you purchase a few skeins of this to try out! I've been eyeing the cherry and lupine colors myself!

Oh, and you could win two skeins of this from GIST if you enter our Why I Weave contest here!