No Warp-Ends/Four Selvedge Weaving on a Saffron Pocket Loom

Many of you have asked how to weave a four-selvedge piece on our new Saffron Pocket Loom. It's very easy to do!

1.) Set the height of your loom to the length you want your weaving to be, measuring from the top comb to the bottom comb) 

2.) Warp your loom. This is very simple to do. Simply tie onto one tine (we recommend a slip knot), zip-zag your warp between the top and bottom tines. (We show you how to assemble and warp your loom here.) We recommend tying on and off on the same beam of your loom and leaving some extra length on those warp ends for finishing! 

3.) Begin to weave, starting right at the bottom comb of the loom. 

4.) Weave up all the way to the top comb of the loom. Here are some tips for doing that:

-Use a thin tapestry needle.
-Loosen your tension slightly as you get to the very top of the loom.
-Before you get to the very top near the comb, weave in 5-10 rows from the top down. (This is a VERY good idea which we highly recommend trying! Weaving at the very end of a four-selvedge piece can be a bit of a pain and this makes it much easier.) 

weave as far as you can

5.) When you've woven up as far as you can, loosen the tension on your loom.

loosen tension

6.) Gently remove the piece from the loom.

7.) Let the piece rest. The warps have been under tension. Using your hands, flatten out the piece and make sure the loops on the top and bottom are flush your weaving. 

The loops made by the tines on the combs, will hold your tapestry together and leave you on two warp threads to finish! 

8.) Sew back in or sew to the back your two loose warp threads. 

sewing in end threads

That's all!

saffron loom no warp ends