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New Hand-painted silk has arrived!

New Hand-painted silk has arrived!

Brand new hand-painted silk in gorgeous colors have just been put into the Mirrix store.

Our wonderful employees have been working overtime putting the silk I just painted onto bobbins. It is a lot of work. So a big thank you to everyone for getting this done in record time.

We have a bunch of new silk colors in the original silk. The Gima silk (aka straw silk) will be put on bobbins once the silk arrives some time this week and should be available for sale end of next week.

While you wait for the Gima that jump into all the silk colors we have added and feast your eyes.

Click on the banner on the Mirrix homepage: to find your favorite color schemes.

What do you love to weave from our hand-painted silk? We would love to know.

An example of some of the bounty: