New Saffron Loom Accessories

We are excited to announce two new accessories for our Saffron Pocket Loom!

We now have a shedding comb (kind of like a shed stick with teeth) for the new Saffron Loom and are accepting pre-orders for our brand new Sandy Loom Stand for the Saffron Loom. We also have two new starter packages, one with the Saffron Loom and accessories and one with just Saffron Loom accessories.  

The Shed Comb for the Saffron Pocket Loom

Get FREE shipping to any address in the United States if you are purchasing ONLY this comb with code onlythecomb at checkout.

The Sandy Stand for the Saffron Pocket Loom

This stand is now available for pre-order. It will begin shipping at the end of August. All pre-order stands are discounted by $5. 

The Saffron Loom plus Accessories Package

Looking for a Saffron Loom with all the bells and whistles? This package comes with a loom, an extra rod to allow you to weave a piece up to 12" long, a shed comb, a Sandy Stand and a 5" tapestry needle.

The Saffron Loom Accessories Package

Already have a Saffron Pocket Loom, but looking to add on some bells and whistles? This package comes with an extra rod to allow you to weave a piece up to 12" long, a shed comb and a Sandy Stand.