NO LONGER AVAILABLE: Mirrix Knows Creating Is Necessary: Purple and Green Celtic Knot by Jacqui McCloy Pell

This pattern is no longer available for free, but you can purchase Jacqui's book that includes two patterns here


In these trying times, we at Mirrix Looms are committed to helping our community get through each day the only way we know how. We will be posting new and old (but previously no longer available) free projects, free downloads and videos to keep you inspired and learning.

Yesterday I got a message from Jacqui McCloy Pell, author of Bead Weaving on a Loom which you can purchase on Etsy here, offering a free bead pattern to our community for the next 30 days as part in our #creatingisnecessary campaign to help keep our community engaged and learning during these difficult times. We are touched by Jacqui's kindness and generosity. It is another example of how our community is coming together. We thank you all for that. 

Below you can download Jacqui's pattern, "Purple and Green Celtic Knot". 

Be sure to follow her on Instagram @phantasia_bead_art and we absolutely recommend her wonderful book, which focuses on weaving larger bead weavings on a loom, something that there is far too little information available about! 

Purple and Green Celtic Knot