Happy Birthday, Claudia!

22 years ago a stay-at-home mom and professional tapestry weaver started selling portable looms made in the barn-turned-workshop of a friend. At the time she didn't realize how this little company would grow or how it would change her life or how her product would change other weavers' lives. She didn't have a degree in business or a lot of capital or a particular urge to be a CEO. She just had a product she wanted to share with others and a deep love for weaving.

photo by williams prior art + design

Photo by Williams-Prior Art + Design

Today, she still sits at the helm of that modest company she built all those years ago. She has created something remarkable not only in her success but in her devotion to creating a company that puts values first.

From the beginning, Mirrix Looms have been built to last a lifetime. That's why they're made of metal. A Mirrix is not a loom you buy and need to replace. A Mirrix is a loom you buy and keep forever. 

Mirrix Looms are made right here in America. And not only that, they're made in a really magical place. Sunshine House, which houses Mirrix's manufacturing facility, provides supported employment for people with mental and physical disabilities. Every loom you purchase helps support their mission. 

There are real people behind this company and I can tell you from personal experience that the woman at the top is not only an honest, giving, kind person but she projects those principles on every aspect of her company. 

Today is that wonderful woman's birthday. We wish the happiest of days and years ahead to Mirrix's very own Claudia Chase. 

If you have a story or kind words for or about this wonderful woman, please share in the comments of this post or on social media with the hashtag #happybirthdayclaudia. 

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