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Elena was born!

Elena was born!

Today Elena, Vice President of Mirrix, has completed another year in this world. Happy Birthday!


Thirty-four years ago Elena came flying into this world a little too quickly. No one told me it could happen in an hour from "Hey you are starting to dilate to holy cow she's coming!" You stormed into this world full speed and you haven't paused yet. You are a force of nature. That same week hurricane Elena hit the east coast. I always thought that was so appropriate. It was named after you, not vice versa. You came first!

But before I go on I need to horrify everyone with this image: Motorcycle Mama!

This might explain a lot. 

You are that rare being, an actual San Francisco native. Which explains your tropism for the West coast. You are wind and you are fire and you are water all bundled up in a petite package. You never cease to amaze and surprise me. You have the wisdom of someone three times your age and the deep-rooted kindness that underlines that shock of wisdom. You travel through life gently, sometimes cautiously, always intentionally. 

And damn you were a beautiful baby!

It's nice sharing this planet with you. It's nice running Mirrix with you. It's nice to have my best friend also be my daughter. 

Happy Birthday, Elena. That's you and me minutes before heading off for the big reveal. The best of all days.