10 Reasons Tapestry Weaving Should Be Your New Hobby [Updated]

There are times for all of us when we feel like we need something new and invigorating in our lives. If you’ve answered the question, “What’s new?” with a variation of, “I finally pulled out my fridge and cleaned behind it,” than you may be at that place.

Perhaps you want to spend some time volunteering or you want to finally take those tennis lessons you’ve been thinking about, but maybe a new crafty hobby is just what you need to add to your repertoire.

How about tapestry weaving? 

Here are ten reasons why tapestry is the perfect pastime for anyone who loves to create.

1.) Tapestry is relaxing. You know how sometimes you’re doing something and you’re so into it that everything else disappears. You forget that you really should be doing the dishes, or that you haven’t filed your taxes yet or that you have a meeting tomorrow that you’ve been nervous about for two weeks. Tapestry can put you in that place. And that place can be pretty amazing. We are not recommending not filing your taxes, but a little tapestry break on either end certainly can help calm your body and mind.

2.) Tapestry is tactile. One of the great joys of fiber art is the materials and tapestry is no exception. After you’ve woven tapestry for a while you will find that you are “seeing with your hands.” Often you don’t even need to look closely at what you are doing because your hands have learned the “tapestry dance.” The feeling of touching fiber is pretty amazing and watching it grown into a piece of art is nothing less than amazing.

3.) Tapestry takes time, but you can start or stop quickly. Like many of you, I am constantly being torn in a million directions. It’s hard for me to find a solid chunk of time to dedicate to anything. While tapestry is a slow art, it’s one that you can start and stop quickly. If you only have time to weave one row, that’s totally fine. The materials for tapestry don’t dry up like paint and they can be easily poured into a basket and kept near your loom. And it’s easy to start where you left off. 

4.) Tapestry is unique. If you’ve ever tried weaving in public, you know tapestry is a unique art form. You will see knitting needles and crochet hooks and sketch books in public, but when is the last time you saw a tapestry loom in public? Be the first of your friends to pick up this amazing craft and maybe in the future the answer to the question: When is the last time you saw a person weaving tapestry in public? will be: All the time!

5.) Tapestry can be very portable (on a small loom). Mirrix Looms were created by a professional tapestry weaver looking for a quality loom that she could take to her kids’ soccer games and gymnastics meets and on airplanes. A Mirrix is perfect for anyone on the go! 

6.) Tapestry involves the use of color in unique ways. Tapestry gives you the opportunity to play with color in new ways. It’s not like painting. It’s not like colored pencils. It’s not like markers or pen and ink or even any other fiber art like quilting or knitting. Tapestry allows you to blend and dance with colors in an entirely different manner. The results can be surprising or intended but they are always unique to the rules of tapestry. 

7.) Tapestry makes you think. From figuring out your sett to determining how much warp and weft you need, tapestry works your mind as much as your creative spirit. Therefore, tapestry is a great learning tool for kids because it incorporates all sorts of holistic learning.

8.) Tapestry is good for all ages. Even kids can weave! Tapestry is an art form perfect for anyone, at any age. Learn with your kids, teach your parents and explore with your friends! It’s an art form you can start learning when you are five or 80. 

9.) Tapestry has a large range of design possibilities. When you weave tapestry you can explore different aspects of design arrangements from abstract to geometrical and pictoral. You are not stuck with just one thing. The warp threads on the loom are your canvas and you can play until your heart’s content. Tapestry, like painting, is not just one thing or the other. It is every design idea there is rendered into this simple yet complex form. Tapestry is something you never stop learning.

10.) Tapestry can be dealt with on many levels, from simple to complex. Tapestry gives you the chance to grow at your own pace. You can weave very simple tapestries or complex ones. You can start slow and advance to super difficult techniques or you can start slow and stay there. You can be a fabulous tapestry weaver using only a handful of techniques. You can use your own beautiful handspun and or pieces of straw you found in the barn. Although there are some pretty strict tapestry rules, once you know what they are you can break them or alter them a bit. Your warp threads (the ones on the loom) are your canvas. After that, it’s your story you get to tell. 

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