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2022 Summer Weaving Challenge: Week Five, "Follow a Pattern or Tutorial"

2022 Summer Weaving Challenge: Week Four, "Follow a Pattern or Tutorial"

Challenge By Mirrix partner Noreen Crone-Findlay

follow a pattern or tutorial

The challenge this week is: Follow a Pattern or Tutorial.

This challenge is a little bit different than our other challenges because our challenge host, Noreen Crone-Findlay, has put together an amazing tutorial just for this challenge called, "A Moveable Feast of Small Loom Weaving: A Charming Woven Teddy Bear's Picnic." 

Following a pattern or tutorial doesn't come naturally to everyone but it's a wonderful learning exercise and I guarantee that you'll learn something by doing so! While we recommend following Noreen's tutorial, you can fulfill this challenge by following any pattern or tutorial you choose. 

It's so lovely to have at least one picnic in the summer, and so for the Summer Weaving Challenge, this picnic is a special celebration of woven Teddy Bears with a difference!

There are a lot of unique Teddy Bears coming to the picnic, because the basic teddy bear that Noreen designed for the Summer Weaving Challenge has inspired her to use all kinds of variations using lots of techniques from her book, "Innovative Weaving on the Frame Loom".
Each of the woven Teddy Bears showcases a different weaving technique with the emphasis on 'outside the box' weaving on small looms.

All the step by step 'how to's' will be available from August 8, 2022 (today) here.

Since it's always good to have folding chairs for a picnic, you may want to make a few for your Teddy Bear's Picnic.

Here's a link that shows how to weave the seat and make the frame for delightful little beach chairs.

The Teddy Bear's Picnic is so much fun and inspiring, too! It celebrates the unlimited possibilities of weaving on small looms.

The Mirrix Saffron Loom is available, along with Innovative Weaving on the Frame Loom book here as a starter package. It is currently on sale for $10 off. 

We hope you have fun with this challenge! When you're finished with it, we encourage you to post pictures on social media! On Instagram and Facebook, use the hashtag #summerweavingchallenge on your public posts. You can also email me ( pictures and lessons from the challenge. We will share some of these in the coming weeks!

Remember, Summer Weaving Challenge awards will be given based on participation and achievements, so let us know what you're working on (via email or on social media, as noted above) if you want to be considered for one of the amazing prizes (including a 12" Loom and goodies from some of our amazing partners like Rebecca Mezoff's "Introduction to Tapestry Weaving" class, a tote bag from Gist Yarn and some SoftTouch wire by SoftFlex.) at the end of the summer!