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2022 Mirrix Looms Gift Guide

Whether you’re helping Carol Crafter to expand her crafting repertoire or getting Marty Mirrix the perfect accoutrement for his loom collection, our gift guide will help point you in the right direction! 

Still need help? Email us and we’ll be happy to assist you! 

Carol Crafter: She’s into every kind of craft from scrapbooking to knitting and is always looking for the next fun art form to take on! 

carol crafter

Mirrix’s Tapestry/Bead Cuff Loom Starter Package is the perfect package for someone who might be interested in both tapestry and bead weaving. It comes with everything you need to get started weaving and the included kit makes two gorgeous bead and fiber bracelets. 

The Stay Home and Weave Kit and Loom Package includes our tiniest tapestry loom and a wonderful kit with a tutorial that teaches anyone how to make a beautiful tapestry wall hanging. 

Marty Mirrix

Marty Mirrix: He has six Mirrix Looms, all the accessories and is always the first to pick up a new batch of hand-painted silk. What do you get someone who has everything?

A brand new Mirrix Tote Bag is perfect for any Mirrix fan in your life. 

We have several new items coming this holiday season. Keep an eye on the "new products" section of the Mirrix online store to be the first to know about them. One might just make the perfect gift for Marty Mirrix 


Terry tapestry

Terry Tapestry: She’s a serious tapestry weaver looking for a more portable loom that with perfect tension and a shedding device. 

Mirrix’s 22” Zach Loom is the perfect balance of size and portability for tapestry weaving. It can make a piece 19” wide and 51” long and comes standard with a shedding device. 

The new Mix-and-Match Tapestry Loom Starter Package is great for anyone looking for everything they need to get started weaving tapestry and knows exactly what they want! 

Betty bead

Betty Bead: She loves beads and is ready for a professional quality loom of her own! 

Our Mix-and-Match Bead Loom Starter Package gives the option of one of three looms, kits and loom accessories all in one perfect package. 

The Pink Lily Wire & Bead Bracelet Kit is our newest bead kit and is great for beginners and experts alike!

Ned Newbie

Ned Newbie: He’s brand new to the world of weaving and wants help getting started. 

Mirrix's Noreen Crone-Findlay x Mirrix Looms Starter Package is perfect for any level weaver looking to weave fun, small weaving projects like bags, scarves and dolls. It comes with the wonderful book, "Innovative Weaving on the Frame Loom"  by Noreen Crone-Findlay.

The Whitney & Willa Wrap Bracelet Loom Starter Package comes with everything needed to make a gorgeous (and super easy) beaded wrap bracelet and start a bead weaving journey out on the right foot. 

And for anyone, our digital gift cards are the perfect gift, especially for the last-minute giver!